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Houston Storefront Lock Repair Services: What To Expect

by | Oct 20, 2023 | Commercial Locksmith | 0 comments

Whether you manage a major chain or work at a mom-and-pop shop, keeping your Houston storefront safe is absolutely critical. You want to be able to come in every morning to see everything left the way it was the previous day. Of course, when the worst-case scenario happens, and you find yourself dealing with a malfunctioning storefront lock, you’ll need help. For this reason, keep reading to learn more about Houston storefront lock repair services. 

Houston Storefront Lock Repair Services: What To Expect

If your Houston storefront lock requires repairs or a replacement, you should call a qualified locksmith team, like ours at ASAP Locksmith, to help you. Learn what you can expect from our Houston storefront lock repair services in this blog: 

1. Lock Inspection And Identification 

The first thing you can expect from any Houston storefront lock repair service is an inspection of your locks. This inspection is done in order to determine whether your storefront lock can be repaired or if it requires a replacement. Next, the locksmith will identify what kind of lock you have for your store. The three most common types of locks used for storefronts are deadlocks, hookbolts, and deadlatches. 

Deadlocks are made of heavy-duty, thick laminated steel. This material makes it difficult for potential intruders to break apart or pick the lock with tools like hacksaws or crowbars, which is why deadlocks are one of the most commonly used storefront locks. Hook bolts are basically deadlocks with a hook-shaped bolt instead of a straight bolt. Finally, deadlatches utilize a spring-loaded latch bolt, where customers can easily leave after hours without allowing them to easily regain entry. These are not the only types of locks used for storefronts, but whatever kind you use, our team at ASAP Locksmith will be able to provide the services you need. 

2. Storefront Lock Repairs And Maintenance

There are many kinds of storefront lock repair services available from companies like ASAP Locksmith. For example, a misaligned latch and strike plate can easily be fixed by a locksmith so your storefront door can properly close again. Your lock might also need some repairs after a broken key extraction. To avoid having to deal with these issues in the future, the locksmith might also perform some basic maintenance to ensure your storefront lock remains in good shape. You can even start implementing these maintenance routines yourself. 

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3. Storefront Lock Replacement 

Finally, Houston storefront lock repair services also include replacing those locks if the damage is too significant to repair. This process involves removing the faceplate screws to then remove the old lock, installing the new lock, reinstalling the faceplate, and then testing the new lock. The more specific intricacies of the replacement process might vary depending on the type of lock, so make sure the locksmith knows how to handle the needs of your storefront’s specific lock. 

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We hope that you are more informed about our Houston storefront lock repair services at ASAP Locksmith. Storefront lock repairs are just one of the many services provided by our commercial locksmiths. We also provide lock installation, repair, and replacement services for all kinds of workplaces. 

Our team will also help you determine what security measures will keep your business safe. If you find yourself locked out of your place of work, we will send someone to help you regain access as soon as possible. Whatever problems you’re facing with your locks, our ASAP Locksmith team will be there for you. What do you do when these problems arise? Contact us today for our excellent services. 


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