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Key Management Best Practices For Houston Businesses

by | Dec 29, 2023 | Commercial Locksmith | 0 comments

Aside from making a profit and maintaining good customer service practices, security is another high priority for business owners. Business security practices have many components, but one that is often overlooked is key management. Without proper key management, the security of your Houston business would be permanently compromised. However, with some key management best practices, you can ensure your place of work remains safe and secure both during and after business hours. Just read this blog to learn more about key management best practices for Houston businesses.

Key Management Best Practices For Houston Businesses

We hope that you will be able to maintain a strong security system for your business with these key management best practices. You should see a huge difference in your business security the moment you implement all these practices:

Implement A Key Control System

You want to start by implementing a key control system that makes the most sense for your workplace. This system can be advanced and use keyless entry, or you can just use the tried and true master key system. You also want a clear key control policy in place for employees to follow. When you hire someone new, include your key control policy and system in the onboarding process.

Manage Access

The next tip for key management best practices is to have a way to manage access. In other words, have certain keys assigned to specific individuals you can trust. Beyond that step, if the keys use advanced technology, it’s also important to manage what areas the keys can access depending on which employee uses them.

Have Secure Key Storage

As far as key management best practices are concerned, you want to determine the best way to securely store keys. The best kind of secure storage takes the form of encryption, especially if the keys are part of a more advanced security system.

Track and Monitor Usage

Another best practice to manage the keys for your Houston business is to have a way to track and monitor the usage of the keys. Electronic keys and keys that use a smart security system can easily be tracked and monitored with auto-generated logs and reports. This practice will allow you to stay on top of potential security breaches and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.

Conduct Key Audits

Finally, no set of key management best practices is complete without auditing. Key audits are just a way to ensure that all distributed keys are in the right hands and only accessible to authorized users. Doing this will allow you to determine if any keys have been misplaced, allowing you to act before your business’s security can be compromised any further. When the audit is complete, you can return the keys to their assigned users. You can determine the frequency of these audits based on what you believe makes the most sense for your business.

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Improve Key Management With ASAP Locksmith!

These five key management best practices will surely improve the security of your business in Houston. Having a solid key control system, access management, storage, usage tracking, and conducting key audits are just a few ways to ensure your workplace remains safe during and after hours of operation. If you believe your workplace could benefit from some better key management practices or even a new and improved security system, our team at ASAP Locksmith is the one to call. We will help you determine the best way to secure your commercial property by assessing it for weaknesses and providing recommendations to help make your business a safer place to work. Learn more about our services by contacting us today.



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